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Eunoia is a ministry of the BGAV


Eunoia Staff

(from left to right)

Grey O'Neil - B.A. Religious Studies, M.A. Religious Studies UVA '17 - Boulder, CO

Tyler Hutcherson -   B.S. Physics, M.S. Data Science UVA '17 - Richmond, VA                                      

Brown Mountain Gap Jams

Brown Mountain Gap Jams

Eunoia is a Creative Christian community dedicated to seeking unity across boundaries in our city.

No matter your student or townie status, denomination, beliefs, doubts, identity or experience of faith, you belong and God is announcing your place in the story of healing and redemption. 

Whether you are an artist, engineer, poet, mathematician, musician, writer, helper, or just longing for community or rest, we are here to resource and empower you to engage your calling through creative outlets.

Our space is open, vibrant, and creative.  During weekly business hours, the building serves as a study space, including free wi-fi, group meeting tables, comfy couches, hot teas, and a kitchen area. Come find your niche and be yourself!

Weekly, the community engages in a time of expression through open mic events.  Each week we gather to share songs, stories, and art, grappling with tough realities in our world, city, and culture. Every artist/performer is given full attention with a posture of courtesy and respect from all of those in attendance. Invite a friend and enjoy beauty created by peers!


Monthly, the community holds ecumenical prayer and worship gatherings that bring people together from all walks of life to seek the face of our creator, hand in hand. 

Eunoia Creative Community is a ministry of the Virginia Baptist Kairos Initiative to encourage collaboration and increase effectiveness among college and young adult ministries with a three-fold focus: to build community, move missionally and develop young leaders.



Eunoia Building Hours

Open Study Space:

Monday-Friday 9am-3pm

Weekly Events:

Thursdays 8pm Open Mic Night

Mailing Address

Eunoia Creative Community 1500 Jefferson Park Avenue
Charlottesville, VA 22903


Eunoia Building Reservations

Looking for a space to hold your art show, concert, or other creative gathering?  Contact the Eunoia Staff via email at the following address:

In the email, include the following:

  • Organization/Group Name
  • Requested Dates and Times
  • Equipment Needs

Because of scheduling restraints and efforts to steward the facilities well, no promises are made on behalf of staff that every event request will be accepted. All groups using the space must fill out and sign the annual Building Use Agreement form. Additionally all groups are required to clean up the space post-use, effectively manage waste, and find a unique way to give back to the community through non-monetary means.


PARTNER with Eunoia

Our community thrives on collaboration and conversation with the local church -- each challenging, affirming and resourcing the other. As a ministry of the BGAV's Kairos Initiative, Eunoia offers itself in full relationship to local churches and faith communities of all denominations.

If engaging your or your church's calling means entering into relationship with young people in Charlottesville, the table is wide open for conversation. We create life-giving partnership when we come alongside each other and engage our shared mission of building community, listening for God and joining Christ at work all around us.