A Christian community of young people, ages 18 to 25, building kinship, practicing faith in creative ways and joining with the living God at work in Charlottesville. Despite your student status, denomination, beliefs, identity or experience of faith, God delights in who you are and so do we. Join us as we discover God's expansive heart and seek lives of radically following Jesus because of it.

Eunoia is located on the campus of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Va., and is part of the Virginia Baptist's Kairos Initiative for young adult Christian community.

Centered the love and ongoing redemption of the living God at work in the world, because of Jesus Christ. As followers of this Jesus, we are called to be recipients as well as partners with God in God's work of healing and transformation in our community.

Open any and all college students and young adults who want to engage in a faith community, especially those who have doubts and questions, those who are skeptical of Christians, those who have never felt at home among people of faith. God has infinitely more room than we could ever give ourselves for who we are and how we experience our world. We want to live in the space and grace of God's expansive heart, be honest about faith, ask real questions and perhaps discover an authentic way to follow Jesus nonetheless.


...because following Jesus alters the fundamental nature of our actions, words, goals and entire lives, right down to the root. What if Jesus really meant what he said, to seek justice, stand with the marginalized, make peace, relinquish our power, love our enemies and build lives that are in tune with what God is doing in the world? It could change everything.

CREATIVE our worship, prayer, dialogue and other expressions of Christian community. We create community together, so each of us are both leader and recipient. Through music, poetry, spoken word, visual art and all manner of creative gifts, we want to imagine fresh ways of engaging each other and the Creator.


...because following Jesus is not about saving, rescuing or presuming to know what individuals or a community needs. Others have just as much to offer us as we do them, no matter who they are. We want to create kinship and a space where all can experience mutual transformation and wholeness, together.


...openly, tangibly and fully. We want to tie ourselves to our community and to each other as we listen for what would help. Jesus, the living image of God, loved and loves in illogical and inconvenient ways. We ask God to fill us with that same confounding love.

Eunoia Christian Community is part of the Virginia Baptist's Kairos Initiative, an organized effort among Virginia Baptists to encourage collaboration and increase effectiveness in college-aged young adult ministries with a three-fold focus: to develop disciple leaders, to build community and to serve on mission.